BSN /// Syntha 6 - Cookies & Cream (5lbs)

BSN /// Syntha 6 - Cookies & Cream (5lbs)

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Ultra-Premium Lean Muscle Protein Powder

  • - Supports Muscle Growth*
  • - Supports Muscle Protein Synthesis*
  • - Helps Kick-start The Recovery Process*
  • - Milkshake-Like Taste Ridiculously Delicious

Push your performance past previous barriers.

Ultra-Premium Lean Muscle Protein Powder

SYNTHA-6® is an ultra-premium protein powder with 22g protein per serving and is BSN®'s best-tasting protein on the market. SYNTHA-6® not only includes essential amino acids and essential fatty acids, but is also an excellent source of fiber, which makes it a nutritious and multi-functional protein supplement. SYNTHA-6® is the go-to protein for any nutrition or exercise regimen because it is designed to suit a variety of active lifestyles and diet plans. And with SYNTHA-6®, the high standard of quality protein comes with taste to match, thanks to BSN®'s exclusive flavor technology.

Ridiculously Delicious

BSN® broke through the whey protein flavor barrier once and for all with the introduction of SYNTHA-6®. Available in over 10 decadent flavors, SYNTHA-6® mixes like a delicious milkshake and is designed for any individual who wants to supplement daily protein intake to help reach their nutritional and physique goals.

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